thumbor-video-engine provides a thumbor engine that can read, crop, and transcode audio-less video files. It supports input and output of animated GIF, animated WebP, WebM (VP9) video, and MP4 (default H.264, but HEVC is also supported).


pip install thumbor-video-engine

Go to GitHub if you need to download or install from source, or to report any issues.


In your thumbor configuration file, change the ENGINE setting to '' to enable video support. This will allow thumbor to support video files in addition to whatever image formats it already supports. If the file passed to thumbor is an image, it will use the Engine specified by the configuration setting IMAGING_ENGINE (which defaults to 'thumbor.engines.pil').

To enable transcoding between formats, add 'thumbor_video_engine.filters.format' to your FILTERS setting. If 'thumbor.filters.format' is already present, replace it with the filter from this package.


To enable automatic transcoding to animated gifs to webp, you can set FFMPEG_GIF_AUTO_WEBP to True. To use this feature you cannot set USE_GIFSICLE_ENGINE to True; this causes thumbor to bypass the custom ENGINE altogether. If you still want gifsicle to handle animated gifs you should set FFMPEG_USE_GIFSICLE_ENGINE to True and set GIF_ENGINE to "thumbor_video_engine.engines.gif".

You can also tell thumbor-video-engine to auto-transcode animated gifs to h264 or h265 when an HTTP request has video/* in its Accept header by enabling FFMPEG_GIF_AUTO_H264 or FMPEG_GIF_AUTO_H265, respectively. If it possible to use these settings along with FFMPEG_GIF_AUTO_WEBP. If a request were to send an Accept header for both webp and video (e.g. image/webp, video/*) the engine would return an h264/h265 mp4. However, at the time this documentation is written there aren’t any major browsers that accept both webp and videos for images.

If your thumbor application is behind a CDN or caching proxy and you’re using any of the automatic gif transcoding options, you will need to set APP_CLASS to "" to ensure that thumbor returns Vary: Accept when appropriate.

If you want to use auto-mp4 gif conversion with result storage, you will need to set your RESULT_STORAGE to one that stores the auto-converted mp4 videos separately from auto-webp or non-auto-converted gifs. This module provides a subclassed version of thumbor.result_storages.file_storage in thumbor_video_engine.result_storages.file_storage. For those using the s3 result_storage class from tc_aws you can set RESULT_STORAGE to thumbor_video_engine.result_storages.s3_storage to enable storage of gifs autoconverted to mp4.

GIF_ENGINE = 'thumbor_video_engine.engines.gif'
RESULT_STORAGE = 'thumbor_video_engine.result_storages.file_storage'


This code is licensed under the MIT License. View the LICENSE file under the root directory for complete license and copyright information.

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